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Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot the musical is the stage adaption of very popular film made in 2000 of the same name starring Julie Walters and Jamie Bell. The stage adaption was written by the same man who wrote the film Lee Hall, who also wrote the lyrics for the show while Elton John wrote the music. The show is another original to the west end and the success and popularity of the show has led to productions on Broadway, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul and 2 national touring productions in the USA. The west end production has won a number of awards these include the Olivier awards for; Audience award for most Popular show, Best New Musical, Best Sound Design and Best Set Design; to name a few.

Billy Elliot made its west end debut at the Victoria Palace theatre in March 2005 and it remains on stage today. The Victoria Palace Theatre is located in the Westminster area of the west end and is just a short walk away from a number of transport links; the Victoria Train station, Victoria Coach station and the Victoria tube station. Billy Elliot is currently on stage eight times a week; matinee performances are on Thursday and Saturday at 2.30pm and evening performances run Monday through Saturday at 7.30pm. They also add a number of matinee performances throughout the year; these are all listed on their website. Billy Elliot tickets range in price from £20 to £68; the higher priced tickets tend to be for Friday and Saturday performances.

Billy Elliot the musical is set in County Durham in 1984-85 when Margret Thatcher was Prime Minster; it is also the time when the miners strike was happening. Billy lives with his dad, Brother Tony and his grandma; his mother has passed away. Both Billy’s father and Tony are involved in the miner’s strike. One night after his boxing class Billy finds himself staying behind and ends up in Mrs Wilkinson’s ballet class and to his surprise not only does he enjoy the class he is also a very talented dancer.

Billy continues to go the ballet classes without anyone knowing, he even begins having private lessons with Mrs Wilkinson and the two start to plan an audition piece to audition at the Royal Ballet School in London. The day of the audition arrives and the police storm the village and Tony ends up getting hurt; all of the neighbours are round at Billy’s house and he isn’t able to get away to meet Mrs Wilkinson. As Billy hasn’t shown up as planned Mrs Wilkinson ends up going round to the Elliot’s house and the truth finally comes out; in front of everyone. Tony tries to make Billy dance on the table in front of everyone and his father tells him he is to never dance again; Billy shouts at his dad that his mother would have let him dance and he storms out.

Billy finds he loses all his desire to dance and six months pass without him dancing at all, until one night he finds himself alone with some music playing. For the first time Billy feels like dancing; so he gets up and lets go; unbeknown to Billy his dad is watching him. Mr Elliot leaves and goes to Mrs Wilkinson; she tells him how talented Billy is and also about the audition, offering to pay for Billy to go. Mr Elliot however is too proud to take money and decides that they only way he will be able to support Billy to get to the audition is to cross the picket line and go against Tony and the rest of his friends who are striking.

They finally get the money together and Billy and his dad go to the audition; Billy is so nervous, he auditions but then ends up punching another boy. The panel of teachers on the audition panel call Billy in and warn him about the rules of the school, they also ask him about how he feels when he dancers and for the first time Billy really lets himself go when he answers them. Billy and his dad arrive home and the weeks pass until Billy gets the letter, he tells everyone he didn’t make the cut and throws it away. However Tony finds the letter and reveals a different story…

Billy Elliot the musical has a wonderful soundtrack; which isn’t surprising seen as Elton John wrote it. Songs include; Angry Dance, Born to Boogie, Swan Lake, Electricity, Once We Were Kings, Shine, Grandma’s Song, Expressing Yourself, Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher and The Stars Look Down.